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Pro Se Civil Forms

Proceeding without an attorney is called “pro se” a Latin meaning for “for oneself”, or sometimes “in propria persona” meaning “in ones own proper person”.  Following court procedures by representing yourself in a lawsuit can be complex, time consuming, costly and you risk the possibility of losing your case.

The Superior Court Judges of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit and their staff are unable to give you legal advice or participate in any aspect of your case.  We encourage you to seek legal advice or contact a legal aid center who can discuss the case with you.

If you'd still like to proceed with a pro se Civil case, below are links to forms you may need to get started. 

Filing Fees:

Civil Filing Fee: $212.50

Sheriff's Service Fee: $50.00

Please note that our office only accepts payment in the form of cash or money order if you are filing your case in office. Otherwise, you can e-file your case online through PeachCourt. 

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